Saturday, 28 November 2009

Advent chores...

I've started my 'Open University' course - Y160 'Making Sense of The Arts', I've been helping my mum with a little project she's got going making home-made knits We've done a couple of craft fairs and have one coming up soon.
Ian and I have bought an incubator and brooder (our Christmas present to ourselves!) as we have plans, in the spring, to start rearing our own quail for the table. We went on a course earlier this year to learn how to dispatch and prep chickens for the table, but we haven't enough room in the garden for more jungle foul and quail are less noisy. I have no idea how I'm going to feel about those little balls of fluff that come out of the egg, ending up on my plate but, as I keep telling myself, it's far better than commercially reared and slaughtered meat, both for us and the bird!
Together with the preparations for Christmas, it's been a bit busy round here lately so no time for blogging. The (free range) turkey has been ordered, some of the bits and bobs, nibbles and nuts have been shopped for and I'm looking forward to cooking my first solo Christmas dinner! We've always alternated between parents but my sister and her BF are going to have lunch with a fellow mariner, mum is going to my cousin's with my auntie and uncle and Ian's family have got a lot of folk coming for lunch. We were invited but I just felt like a quiet(er) day this year. Just the 9 of us; me, Ian, Molly and the girls who I will no doubt make extra roast potatoes for :0)