Thursday, 22 July 2010

In search of Cupcake....

I received a 2nd hand book today that I'd ordered on line from America and inside the cover I found a birthday card! I opened it and it read...

" cupcake
even if you called Mrs cleaver a notorious strumpet"

Now, having recently had a birthday myself, I thought it may have been a marketing ploy from the company I bought the book from but clearly not, unless this is some strange coded message!?

So, I thought it might be quite intriguing to send a message into the ether to see if I can track down naughty little Cupcake!

If you happen to be on facebook, or even if you're not, click on this link and pass the message along the virtual grapevine and lets see if it bears fruit! :0)

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left....

Since discovering 'Seasick Steve' I've developed a little penchant for blue grass type music. Actually, I like most music that isn't commercially produced pop rubbish!

I especially love a characterful pub, a good pint and a bit of live music!

We had a great night out last night at Peter Kavanagh's in Liverpool. PK's has been there since 1897 and is in quite a salubrious street lined with Georgian houses and lovely old lamp posts.

There were 2 bands on; 'Sidney Baileys No good Punchin Clowns' and 'The Flamin Mamies'.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Don't go to Wales if your name is Allan....

Just returned from a few days camping in Trearddur Bay, Anglesey. The land of pebble dash and dead sea birds.

Anglesey has some absolutely stunning scenery but bloody hell, do something about the pebble dash! Almost every house is covered in it; makes the place look like a giant community of sheltered housing!

The last person to criticise the pebble dashing was called Allan and consequently they have erected several of these signs all over the island...

On the bridge that links Holy Island to Anglesey there were several dead seagulls. We had a theory that there must be some sort of weird air current, maybe created by lorries crossing the bridge, that sucks the birds to their death? A rather grim sight to welcome the weary traveller!

We seemed to have left the sunshine on the mainland too, it was cold, wet and windy and despite having (mostly) a good time, after a few days, I was ready for home.

our tent

cosy! the bedrooms are on either side of the living area

sooooooooooooo cold!!!!!!!!!!

beautiful beach at Newborough

but ruddy windy!

views of The Menai Straits