Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Choc full Easter!

...and I don't mean the sort made from cocoa! We've had a mega busy Easter weekend. We bought a tent, made a lovely roast for Sunday lunch, went to 2 boot sales, finished painting the baker's rack, decanted loads of home made tipples and started some more off!

We've sold our camper van as it was an expensive luxury that we didn't get the opportuity to use as often as we would have liked. We sold it to a dealer for a very good price and decided we would get a tent. We figured it would be far easier to just up and go with a tent, plus there would actually be more room to move around inside a tent than the van.

We bought a 'Gelert Albury 8' which arrived on the Sunday. I only ordered it on the Friday and it was personally delivered 2 days later; the perks of buying from a small, friendly, local company. It was an excellent price too!

It has 2 sleeping areas, one at each end and a living area in the middle. We're going to give it a test drive very soon!

Mum came round for lunch on Sunday and I made roast lamb surprise! Ian got a joint out of the freezer thinking it was lamb but it turned out to be pork...

I finished painting my baker's rack which is now in situ in the conservatory. I also bought some bargain planters from a couple of boot sales we went to over Easter. I've planted a couple of them already with basil and coriander and ordered some more packets of herb seeds; parsley, mint, tarragon, oregano and thyme and also some Ramsons wild garlic seeds for the garden.

Ian decanted our orange wine (which needs to mature for about a year now), crabapple brandy and sloe gin and the sloe gin is absolutely delish! We've also started off a batch of damson liqueur...

and this is the damson brew well on its way to being a tasty tipple! :0)