Saturday, 24 March 2012

Vegetarians taste better. ~Author Unknown

I bought the River Cottage 'veg every day' book when it was on offer on amazon recently. The TV series made the recipes look delumptious. I made the kale and mushroom lasagne from it the other night and it was really tasty. I've also made a veggie curry recently; I basically made it as I would a meat one but just substituted the meat for chick peas. Apropos of chick peas, I've just demolished a tub of red pepper humous and some breadsticks. I like nothing better than dunking the sticks in the humous :0)

It's possible I may have a sausage buttie down at the allotment tomorrow on the BBQ, but I have to say, we are veering towards meals with less meat these days.

I'm making a veggie chilli tonight with nachos and cream cheese.

I'm doing the North African squash tagine/stew thing next week, from the cookbook. I make quite a lot of tagines with meat in so it shouldn't be too much of a switch.

Oh and apropos of North Africa, there looks to be an intriguing new place opened in Liverpool called 'Kasbah' on Bold Street...

I think we might have to go and try one of those electric sheesha pipes at least! :0)

Gratuitous shot of my homemade veggie curry! ;0)


Tonight's chilli....

I made the recipe up in my head, I'll share it with you but don't be passing it on to the veggies out there as they'll claim it as their own! ;0)

1 red and 1 green chilli finely chopped,
2 white onions finely sliced - saute in olive oil til soft but not coloured.
add a finely chopped sweet red pepper, saute til softened.
add tin of chopped toms, tin of baked beans, tin of kidney beans and a tin of brown lentils (I got the latter in poundstretcher for 35p a tin! I think they are the secret to making this so yummy.) add a tbsp garlic powder, a tbsp paprika, and 3 tsps sugar.

Let simer for about an hour or so then tweak your seasoning to taste, I found I needed to add...a tbsp chilli powder, a good splodge of brown sauce, a splash of soy sauce. This is how we will eat chilli from now on as it is SOOOO much nicer than mince!!!! And you heard that from a die hard carnivore!

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