Friday, 2 March 2012

A special day...

Way back in 2007, I told you about 'The Liverpool Saga' and how some lines of my poetry had been selected to go into the saga...
Well, NML have finally got round to doing something with the poem. They initially said it would go on a special brass plaque in the museum, with all the names of the contributors, but that never happened.

The saga has now been published in book form and is in the 'The Museum of Liverpool' and was unveiled on the 24th February, only *ahem* 5 years after it was written.
When it was first published, my contribution was verse three! I was tickled pink to be so close to the start of the poem. But, now that they've published it in the book, my words have been moved. I was so disappointed, I didn't note down the new verse number but I think it was still pretty much near the beginning. Does that sound churlish? sorry but it is a bit gutting... but still an honour to be included ...but none of the contributors names have been mentioned.
The book has been specially bound by bookbinder Mark Cockram (his name is a palendrome!), but it looked really plain. As it had been hand bound, I expected something a bit more...unique.

We went to a private viewing of the exhibition, 'Liverpool Doors', conceived by Roger McGough (who was there) that included The Saga exhibit. Comprising some doors from around Liverpool, some famous and some not, with bits of poetry on them. My favourite was from The Everyman Bistro which had a chalk board on it saying "Today's special" and Roger had written "so is every day" underneath.

Yes, okay, a good way to look at life, I suppose! Even if things don't go the way you expect them to ;0)

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